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The Impact of Lighting on Art Display and Exhibition

a picture of a gallery using baroque art light track lights

Engagement with collectors is one of the critical aspects for galleries. In every exhibition light is a versatile tool to attract clients and convert them into art buyers. Gallery lighting from Baroque Art Light gives you the freedom to build up a relationship with potential buyers and to concentrate on your core business: developing your gallery program, exhibiting art, and selling it.

It is well known that the eye follows brightness. But light not only directs attention, it also creates a relaxing environment for a purchasing decision. Therefore, it is essential to talk about light and not luminaires when developing a gallery lighting concept. For appealing storytelling, perfect light quality and flexibility are key. Flexibility does not only mean that spotlights can be repositioned and light distribution or light color can be changed. To support the commercial aspect of your gallery business, it also means that these changes can be implemented at any time and quickly.

Encourage more people into your gallery

Make light part of your corporate identity. Used consciously, a lighting concept reflects the central theme of your exhibition programme. It not only offers the flexibility to tailor the exhibition lighting to individual artists or works of art, but also accompanies the entire sales process. For instance, by taking over the function of the red carpet and encouraging visitors to explore your gallery – not only at a vernissage but also during your regular opening hours.

Engage with potential art buyers

Reach your audience with lighting perfectly matched to the exhibition concept. Whether you, present art in a white cube, a black box or as an immersive experience – the principles of human visual perception are always the same. And perfect visual comfort is the key. That’s why we talk about light and not about luminaires when being asked for consultation.  

Help buyers to make a choice

A perfect art experience values the artwork and the artist and promotes the purchase decision. For this reason, every work of art deserves the highest museum-quality lighting. We offer you our experience from many thousands of museum and gallery projects worldwide to find the perfect lighting for your gallery. How can Baroque Art Light support you? Baroque Art light specialists are available to help you make choices, save time and develop the optimum viewing conditions for your exhibitions to inspire potential art collectors. Light renders art visible in galleries. The type of lighting influences how we interpret art. Artists and gallery owners have individual concepts of how art should be appropriately displayed by light. Luminaires for track are the ideal lighting tools for effectively displaying and presenting art.

Individually emphasizing paintings with accent lighting

Accent lighting guides the view of the observer onto the artwork with high-contrasts beams of light. When brightly illuminated, pictures are given greater importance than their surrounding space. The targeted light of accent lighting creates brilliance and good modelling and renders fine textures clearly legible. If the layout of the pictures changes, realigning the accent lighting is no problem. With track as the infrastructure and interchangeable lenses, Baroque Art Light spotlights can be repositioned and the light distribution changed without tools. with Baroque Art Light Create magical lighting effects for paintings via framing. Operating the slide controls is intuitive and allows you to precisely set square or rectangular lighting areas. As a result fascinating effects can be created where pictures appear to illuminate from within. Select narrow framing to accurately illuminate small exhibits from a long distance and wide framing to accurately illuminate large exhibits from a short distance.

KP shapeable track light Baroque art light


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